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The motto of the Hazlehurst-Jeff Davis Chamber of Commerce is "Together We Can!" By working together, Jeff Davis County's citizens have made our area a great place to work and live, not to mention a wonderful place just to visit! The Chamber of Commerce, City of Hazlehurst, County Commissioners, and Board of Tourism encourage growth of business and industry, assists new businesses and families relocating to the area, supports policies and activities believed to be beneficial to Hazlehurst and Jeff Davis County, and opposes those who may be detrimental to the quality of our community life or business and industry. The Chamber also provides the services that its members need to be successful in their own businesses. A better community means better business conditions! One primary reason the Chamber exists is to do whatever is necessary to increase the community's economy on a city and county level, so businesses will want to risk their resources to relocate here.

When a firm joins the Hazlehurst-Jeff Davis Chamber of Commerce, it hires a professional partner. The Chamber becomes "another voice, another pair of hands, another sales office" for the member. The Chamber works for you: the citizens and industry of our great city and county!

Hazlehurst-Jeff Davis Chamber of Commerce

Post Office Box 546

Hazlehurst, Georgia 31539


Rebecca Burnette - Executive Director

Chamber of Commerce / Tourism

Tommie Jean Ricketson - Downtown Development

Executive Director

Bonnie Hulett, Executive Secretary

City of Hazlehurst


Bayne Stone, Mayor

Ethelyn Creech, City Clerk

Dywane Johnson, Representative, Ward 1

Dupree Reynolds, Representative, Ward 2

Tommy Purser, Representative, Ward 3

Tim Callaway, Representative, Ward 4

Jeff Davis County Commissioners


James Carter, Administrator

Wayne Hall, Altamaha District

Reginald Kornegay, Hazlehurst District

Hugh Brantley, Blackburn District

Ray Wooten, Ocmulgee District

Jerry Wooten, Whitehead Districty

Jeff Davis County Development Authority


Keith Carter, Executive Director

Darrell Beasley, Chair

Robert Hill, Member

Grant Gainer, Member

Tim Taylor, Member

Ricky Ursrey, Member

Evelyn Simmons, Member

Tim Callaway, Member

Ricky Bennett, Member

Jim Peterson, Member

Hazlehurst Downtown Development Authority


Tommie Jean Ricketson, Executive Director

Jim Sewell, Chair

Warren Coleman, Vice-Chair

Brent Bryson, Member

John Turner, Member

Clyde Varnadore, Member

Shannon McPherson, Member

Tommy Purser, Member